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Thank you so much for sharing your research and I really appreciate your clear response to Curt. As a content writer, I use FAQ pages to address long tail keyword searches, and these pages usually rank well on Google. Since most searches typically use less formal writing, I mirror the reading level in H2 and H3. Using a more conversational tone also alleviates any content ranking conflicts with other pages.

The tedious part is staying on top of content. For this, I map all links, headers, and keywords for a site in Excel before transition. I, for one, am thrilled with the way Google has improved searches — especially voice search. Quality content is intentional and well worth the effort. And if readers use headings to figure out what an article is about, Google will too. However, my experience and your research shows that it is important to carefully structure headings for SEO.

Using specific, localized, and targeted long tail keywords in headings, can make content easier to understand AND improve ranking. Brian, I believe that you have cracked voice search wide open. More than a few of us need to catch up to you! Do you think this is another win for quality SEO content or a quick fix for keyword stuffers? For example, if 20 writers use identical H1 and h2, do you know how Google compares and ranks the content that follows?

Like any new technology, marketers that move fast and exploit it in the bad sense of the word tend to have a short-term advantage.

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But in the long-term, quality content and sites will ultimately come out on top. I work for a big B2B software company that operates in a very competitive market so I try to focus my efforts on interesting areas which can drive above average results. And that makes sense: the results from optimizing for voice search are legit tough to track. That said, your idea is a smart one. So are really long, conversational searches. Google recently said something about including voice search queries in the Google Search Console. It would make tracking the ROI of this whole thing a helluva lot easier. Once again a wonderful article, I thank you so very much for putting up great efforts in creating amazing content like this one!

I thank you so much for putting a lot of efforts in publishing great contents like this. Great article Brian. I recently started doing this in hopes that Google or Alexa would get smart enough to play an answer back through the speaker and the potential client would get to hear my voice.

Hey Frank, thank you. Not only do I try to produce a quality blog article but I narrate it as well with an embedded Soundcloud snippet. If there is one thing i would like to learn from you, it is how you craft such outstanding content not only text but very visual and graphically appealing. Sometimes when i am on the run but i receive an email from you, i simply scroll down while looking at the visuals then i get an idea. Latter on, i come back for the details.

Thanks for your kind words. These guides are actually custom designed and coded. Definitely not easy! Question I have on Google page insights, this is an issues we are struggling with. Sometimes it does sometimes it does not.

More on search manipulation

In one case we had a site that was smaller in size not get green that one that was bigger in file size. All our sites are in WordPress, do you know if this is a WP issue? Hi Dean, thanks! That tool can be pretty wonky actually especially over the last few weeks. I also recommend hitting up GTmetrix or Webpagetest. I can only imagine the tremendous amount of hard work you put into this every single day. You are an inspiration to me, personally. When I got into this world, I had no clue where to start.

Provide Facts, Avoid Interpretation

I only knew that I could write stuff, you know? Another stellar article,I wonder if anyone has ever tried using the skyscraper method with your articles. Would be very difficult to top this one. Definitely a FAQ page. Brilliant information. Just wondering how voice search will have any impact on Ecommerce SEO and how to go about implementing It? Thanks Prateek. It looks like voice search impacts all searches including ecommerce. I have a website about the best rooftop bars from all over the world.

My biggest challange is to find which questions people are voice searching for. Any tips on where I can find this? Thank you for an amazing article. I have one question, how can we drive traffic to our sites if voice searches become mainstream? So there are still plenty of opportunities to get traffic from voice search. Brian, When I hear snippets I automatically think Schema since I am in this field as well… but reading further and checking I do not see any schema on your test case pages. Is this an important factor in ranking or a way to get some extra points from the big G? Good question, Brian.

Amazing article brian The amount of knowledge you have keeps on amazing me every time!!! Yesterday i was reading the youtube marketing hub article and i came across a question — what is the best seo tool for youtube? Thanks Sushil. I agree! I read about tubular labs and yt cockpit in your video seo article are there any other softwares providing similar or greater indepths. You have totally inspired me to include more questions in my articles and make a frequently asked questions page.

Thank you. Hmm… Stunning to see the stat and growth of voice search. For us, so many things to optimize. I wonder how to balance between all text search and voice search in the article. Between simple to digest article and pillar article? Or just create new posts dedicated to voice search? I recommend not doing massive wholesale changes to your content. Damn it Brian, as always your articles are awesome, you blow my mind with these concepts explained in such detail that I am filled with new ideas and I am driven to keep moving forward and learning from great SEOs like you.

Thank you for the super practical tips and insight. Very cool Thanks again, Brian! Awesome Angela! As a copywriter, this trend is something that should be right in your wheelhouse. Robotic searches are becoming less and less popular as more people search with their voice. Another definitive guide on an emerging topic. Thanks Dean. I remember when mobile search was taking off. Back then the early adopters set themselves up to made a killing. Plus as your research proves the younger generation are using this more so it will only continue to grow exponentially. With such a detailed review on how to optimise for this the ones who take action can set themselves up ahead of the growing curve.

Thanks Greg. Another awesome post. I used FAQ on all my new pages. Now, I need to work on domain authority. Thanks, Brian. Whoa Google is just reading the featured snippets to answer a lot of voice search queries! Very interesting stuff! Thanks Brian. Very true, Brett. Keep in short answers in the earlier post woks for us.

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Thank you Brian Dean. I have been implementing FAQs for company website but have not been optimized for Voice. I may have to think if this feasible for my outsourcing business. Will definitely start planning to implement this in near future. Wow, great to know the searching techniques have changed a lot. I am associated with a tech support website and I am also making some on page amendments for the improvement of voice search results. Sprinkling some keywords with the major words mentioned. Hope this would increase the ranking of the page and provide better results rather than the drastic fluctuations which are going on these days and provide me a stable ranking.

Awesome, Tirth. You have the exact right approach: make a few tweaks to your existing content to get ready for voice search. Your posts are well written, easy to understand and pleasure to read.

SAGE Internet Research Methods

The statisics are very intetesting confiming estimate of voice search will dominate. I had so many doubts and queries regarding the voice response system VRS in my mind. This is indeed a revolution in the history of world wide web www and has made the web surfing much user-friendly than ever before. I always wished to know more about this concept and this article is surely the valuable piece of information…. Love how you pick a topic, explain it properly and then give clear, actionable points that we can easily follow. Thanks for this guide on voice search Brian. Killer post about Voice search result and how to optimize our site.

Thank you for this post Brian. Hi Brian, Interesting giude but I think that the graph with search word count has the lines on the graph titled wrong, That graph show text being longer through the tail than voice which is not what you talk about in your guide. The line for voice input currently has many more word searches than text searches.

Thank you, Richard. I just asked our designer to create a new version of that chart. And this is what I discovered, you talked about pages with high domain authority getting featured snippets.. But if it is a long tail keyword with low competition.. But will definitely need to have a good DA. I have seen pages with DA 34 get lot of featured snippets… And that made me study to realize that they actually ranked for low competition keywords. Interesting, John. Considering that Google usually pulls the FS from a first page result, it makes sense that it would be harder to do for competitive keywords.

Thanks for sharing. I never focus on voice search for my site but after reading this article I am sure, I gonna Implement your one of strategy. This is a fantastic post. It hit me like a slap in the mouth. And, I never gave it a second thought in regards to SEO. Of Course — you are so right.

Product details

As a recipe blogger I had been wondering how to optimize for voice. I had been guessing up until now and realize I have done some things wrong. This article has given me tips on how to go back and fix some things I now know can be done better! Many Thanks! Brain you are awesome.

Very informative. Will definitely implement all specially a FAQ section. Great Articles Brian, I was awaited voice search blog from few days and finally you published.. I am really impressed with reading level test and detailed description on how to rank in rich snippet and then how to rank for voice search, because google generally taking rich snippet data for voice search. Fantastic post Brian, I really appreciate the information. I do have a question, how do you create a FAQ page? Can you just do this as a snippet at the top of all your posts, or is it a separate post? To your question, you can use either approach.

Thanks a lot Brian. But I would like to have your thoughts on Speakable markup and submit domain to get featured on Google Home Assistant. Are these not necessary? The tips here are usually enough. Good question, Ruben. I doubt Google uses them as a voice search ranking factor. Excellent post on featured snippets. One question I have Is there the best way to track featured snippets? This is an amazing guide. I feel google voice search optimization is very much similar to long tail keyword optimization. I was exactly searching for this kind of guide.

Amazing info and one I will definitely be coming back to.

SAGE Internet Research Methods - SAGE Research Methods

Awesome article Brian. I run a food blog and I really struggle with writing long content. There are only so many ways you can describe a recipe. I write a lot of roundup lists which are longer. Thanks Timothy. I cook a lot so have seen recipe sites. I notice a few add some personal context to each recipe like nomnom Paleo.

That way you bump up the word count and make the recipe more interesting. Another great post Brian! Already thinking of ways to add FAQs to my content to capture voice searches! Me too, Don. I have a few updates in the works for some of the content at Backlinko. Wow, really informative post, thank you for this excellent information presented in such a nice way. It almost seems like voice will be used as a quick answer engine but people will still need the full articles for more in depth research. You have definitely given me some food for thought though. Answering more questions and be on 1 for our industry.

Brian, Writing top quality and engaging content the right way is very important. With the tips and ideas in this post and all the other ones you wrote my content quality has improved big time. But also did my rankings and number of visitors to my site. Thank you for sharing all these studies and tips. Voice search is an other one to implement in my content. Is that too simplistic a view? Hey Dave, good question there. I kept hearing long-tail keywords are dead, but glad to know voice search is making them relevant again.

The only difference is that instead of creating an entire page about a single, long tail keyword it makes more sense to sprinkle them into a piece of long-form content. Brian, Great insightful content! I have been a long time reader and enjoy learning from your in-depth research. Thanks, Nathan. A good chunk of mobile and desktop searches are now done with voice. I have just finished reading the detailed article. This is like a Wikipedia for voice search results. My question is, what should be the keyword density for long keywords. As always; your guides are comprehensive and easy to follow for both newbies on SEO and more advanced readers I suppose!

A BIG thank you for your knowledge and your generous will to share your experiences! Looking forward to future guiding! I am an avid follower of your post and videos. Although, I already knew something about voice search. Killer content. I see a lot of voice searches being performed these days and the stats only prove it right. I definitely recommend limiting it to a handful of the most important questions.

Anything specific you need to consider to be shown in a featured snippet? You have explained great stuff with proven numbers and insightful examples. I agree that voice search is the evolving concept, but big question is that what is the future of voice search for e-commerce businesses? How will it affect your marketing campaign? I think that it will helpful for local businesses, but what about global business?

How can we optimize content to target the global audience? That can definitely work. But FB comments are pretty common so I bet Google can read and understand them. I have a question: i followed a lot of your tips to rank in Google but with this new update in August my rankings dropped a lot. Can you say something about this new algorithm update? Hey, Brian! Thank you very much for your help, this informations will have a great positive impact on our business.

Your returning newcomer will also appreciate it if they can find your onboarding resources in an easy-to-find, predictable location within your UI menu or settings. Give them support via in-app live chat in case they need hands-on guidance beyond that first walk-through — without requiring them to leave the app and lose their place. The way software is being bought is changing , and the buyer for a company often starts as an individual user. Collaborative, team-based SaaS products like Slack know the sooner they can connect these individual users to a team , the more momentum they build toward a premium upgrade.

Slack builds its teammate invitation right into the onboarding flow prior to letting you use the product. Since teammates are what really make Slack valuable, with a simple opt-in the app allows new users to let their teammates join. This all happens without additional permissions being requested, as long as the employees created an account using a verified company email address. Making these connections between users and their teams can really help a whole company get onboarded to your product, and in record time.

Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest saw phenomenal growth in part due to the way they show immediate value to new signups. Whether or not a user follows other people on Twitter is an important retention indicator for the product. So Twitter encourages new signups to follow at least 20 other users with a single click to make sure you get the most out of the product. New users are also shown a checklist of topics to choose from, with some popular accounts already selected.

LinkedIn reduces friction during account creation by allowing users to progressively build their profiles, rather than demanding them to provide all their details on the very first login. They popularized the gamified progress bar:. However, if you use this approach, make sure that the progress bar is actually incentivizing users to take actions that align with their goals, not your internal activation metrics, especially for more complex products.

For instance, it would have been easy for Pinterest to force users to click through a step-by-step tutorial on creating their first pin right at signup. Like a sports franchise, a sales team should be both collaborative and competitive. But how do you build this dream team? He rejoins the podcast this week to share advice on hiring in sales and building a collaborative culture. Ciaran Nolan. Marketing 16 min read. Learn how live chat can enhance your marketing and drive more sales. Need more proof? See how five leading B2B companies are using live chat for marketing.

Onboarding is a holistic, ongoing process sitting at the intersection of many different teams: product, sales, marketing, customer engagement and…. Info icon Letter I in a circle By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with our cookie policy Close icon Close. Geoffrey Keating Senior Editor, Intercom.