Manual Mathematics for Life Science and Medicine

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Advanced mathematics is vital for developing quantitative and theoretical approaches in biology and medicine.

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Similarly, advances in biological and medical sciences inspire development of new mathematical techniques. During the last few years there has been a significant drive to integrate quantitative scientists into the biological and medical sciences, and there is a current shortage and an increasing demand for skilled researchers for academia and industry.

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Biological and medical science application areas include genetics and genomics, systems biology and medicine, agriculture, plant sciences, cell and molecular biology, animal sciences, population studies and e-health research life sciences. The chats will end with a provocative topic, which the participants will debate and explore. Additionally, professionals will create high-quality video and audio recordings.

The resulting podcast and video highlights will be permanently hosted on the Dana Centre website, the Imperial College website and elsewhere. The following is a link to a radio show made by Dorothy, Phil and colleagues at last year's Public Engagement conference in Manchester.

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Differential equations and statistics have long played a role, but recent medical advances have involved the use of mathematics in new and exciting ways, such as the role of geometry and topology in: modelling potential drug targets; predicting cardiac defibrillation; comparing human brains; screening treatments for harmful side effects.

At Waterloo, Life Sciences is a group of related majors.

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The four Life Sciences majors bring together disciplines such as biology, chemistry, physics, and math to help you learn how living systems work and interact. When you apply to Waterloo, you'll select one of the majors and get to do labs and experiments starting right in first year.

You'll graduate with a Bachelor of Science in your major, e. Choose the co-op program or the regular system of study in all majors, except Biomedical Sciences, which is regular only.

Mathematics and Life Sciences

We recommend completing the Admission Information Form once you've applied for you. Not studying in Ontario? Most students take five courses per term, plus associated labs if applicable. Select your program of interest to see a list of first-year courses.

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