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  1. People often confuse climate and weather – the two really are quite different.
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  • People often confuse climate and weather – the two really are quite different.!
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The late Richard J. Chorley was Professor of Geography at the University of Cambridge.

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Preface to the ninth edition. Other major points of coverage include global climatic types and microclimates. The article also considers both the impact of climate on human life and the effects of human activities on climate. For details concerning the disciplines of meteorology and climatology , see climatic variation and change.

People often confuse climate and weather – the two really are quite different.

See also the article atmosphere for further information about the properties and behaviour of the atmospheric system. Relevant data on the influence of the oceans and of atmospheric moisture on climate can be found in hydrosphere.

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  1. Atmosphere, weather, and climate.
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  5. Table Of Contents. New features include: extended and updated treatment of atmospheric models final chapter on climate variability and change has been completely rewritten to take account of the IPCC scientific assessment.

    Atmosphere, Weather and Climate

    Its pedagogic value is enhanced by several features: learning points at the opening of each chapter and discussion topics at their ending, boxes on topical subjects and on twentieth century advances in the field. More Books by Roger G. Chorley See All.